Hercules And Hercules

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The Greek and Christians, religion had influence on the western culture through it literature, morals, and society that had expanded for over thousands of years. These religions had intertwined how civilization is shaped in today's modern time. However, Christianity and Greek mythology have their similarities in religious beliefs and their differences in expansion between the two religions. These two religions had made enormous impacts in their influence of the male role model through history because of Hercules and Jesus being ahead of society as a leading gender role model in western culture. The Gods, that have a mortal spouse and have son to live among the mortal then to heaven. Each of the sons had affected the western cultures through their legends and myths that followed them through history. Hercules is best known as the strongest of all mortal as a half-god human, who began their journey to set up their fame. Sooon he became a man of high influence. During this time in Greece women were subjected to being the the one it the home taking care of the children and about the home. Therefore, resulting the man to become a main figure that influences the woman’s role in society to still be behind. Hercules a his legend of the “The Twelve Labors of Hercules” has lead as an example of the superiority of a man. Shaping them to be the more dominate. Hercules was represented to be the strongest man in the world that made an impact in the western culture. Due to the fact,

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