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Home Page » Other Topics Heritage Assessment In: Other Topics Heritage Assessment Heritage Assessment Latasha Rice, WCC- RN Grand Canyon University: NRS 429v Date: 8/31/2012 What is a heritage assessment? A heritage assessment is a subpart to the overall nursing assessment. Assessing a patient’s heritage allows the nurse to obtain more information about a patient’s culture, including beliefs about health and values, this is important to providing cultural health care. One’s heritage includes information about their cultural beliefs and practices of the family and ethno religious community (Jarvis, C., 2012). Through a heritage assessment the nurse can…show more content…
The findings of the interviews are identified in the table below (information including but not limited to what is listed). These families of different cultures ascribed their health traditions to different things. The African American family states that their health traditions are passed down by elders (grandparents), of both sexes. The Mexican American family ascribes their traditions to the women of the family, stating that it is a female responsibility to pass down traditions regarding heath. The Caucasian American family states that they received their knowledge of health from what is or has been proved by science, and usually each mother of the household is responsible for the health of the family. Health traditions table Culture | Health maintenance | Health protection | Health restoration | African American(Self) | Taking in enough calories, vaccinations, getting enough sleep and rest, taking any prescribed medications and/ or vitamins, eating foods that keep digestive tract regular (ex.: spinach, greens) and regular check- ups at the doctor | Health insurance, driving safely and having auto insurance, never walk outside after dark, never lay a baby on his/ her stomach while sleeping, try to stay away from sick people (ex.: someone with a cold) | Getting rest, take medication (OTCs and prescription), drink hot toddies (hot tea, lemon, and whiskey) and wrap up in a heavy blanket for cold and fever, and

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