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Heritage Assessment Introduction Over the past 20 years a significant social movement in America has amplified public awareness toward the promotion of health and disease prevention, known as Healthy People 2000 and 2010. It has been beneficial in changing the focus of health care from a reactive standpoint to a proactive one, which endorses national health and prevention of disease (Edelmam & Mandle, 2010). However delivery of health care objectives is not enough. Health providers must recognize and incorporate cultural group patterns, and variations within that culture to provide optimal care that promotes wellness (Lipson & Dibble, 2008). Summarization People have diverse beliefs about health, illness, disease, birth and…show more content…
My parents and grandparents passed down principles that supported healthy lifestyles through nutrition, exercise, spirituality, family support, and traditions, which were important then and hold value to my family today. I feel a deep sense of conviction when it comes to upholding and educating my children about the health heritage that was passed on to me. However I expand upon it with newly revised knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise supported by current research. Dinnertime was designated as family time and was not only a time to nourish ones body but also a time of socialization of family members that included multiple generations. There was fresh produce served, much that came from our own backyard, which was a pride of my dad the gardener. Holidays were a time for home cooked meals, gathering, and sharing with extended family that gave way to building relationships and traditions. Sunday was a time for worship and relaxation. Supporting health through exercise was important to our family and was demonstrated through swimming, boating, organized sports, outdoor play and walking to school. Health maintenance, protection, and restoration can have similarities or vary greatly due to culture and health tradition practices. The approach of health maintenance and prevention of illness is not a new concept and is the focus of general health care practice in the U.S. today by Americans. Through complying with physical

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