Heritage Day Research Paper

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American Indian Spring Celebration: Heritage Day

On April 11, 2016 I went to the American Indian Spring Celebration of the Heritage Day hosted at South Oval. The American Indian Student Association (AISA) and other various native students’ organizations around the campus have been hosting this event as a one of the significant spring celebrations. Most of the Native American events that took place early in spring share the same purpose. Therefore, the goal of the Heritage Day is to raise awareness of the Native American culture as well as to honor the tribes’ traditions.
The celebration of the Heritage Day was a successful outdoor event. The music was loud enough to be heard even from inside the classrooms, especially in the close buildings.
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In both of the Powwows and the Oklahoma Native Language fair, the majority of the people were the native. This factor is in favor of the spread of the native culture. The more people attend the event, the better understanding they have about the Native culture. The variety of the Heritage Day’s activities is what I liked the most. There were diverse things to see and experience. Unlike the Powwow and the Language Fair where you only experience the creativity of the songs and dance or the beauty of the language, the Heritage Day celebration combined all of these. I’ve been told that there were some remarkable native public speaker and flags parade but I couldn’t be there at that time.

In conclusion, the OU campuses include people from different culture and various backgrounds. Because some the lack the knowledge about the native culture, such an event can fulfill that purpose. In addition, this event offered a great chance to connect the native people around the campus in order to honor the their culture. Like the Powwows and the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair, I enjoyed the event and I appreciate experiencing the native
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