Hermione in A Winter´s Tale by Shakespeare Essay

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Shakespeare’s play, A Winter’s Tale, has many magical and mystical elements throughout. A Winter’s Tale is true to form as one of Shakespeare’s romances. There are tragic scenes in the beginning with a romantic and joyful twist at the end. One such question raised in this play is whether Hermione, Queen of Sicily truly died and resurrected or was alive throughout the play. It is hard to take a position on either fronts of this question because Shakespeare uses many mystical elements that play into the very question itself. Hermione, wife of Leontes King of Sicily, is accused by her beloved husband of adultery at the beginning of the play. Leontes is distraught and will not listen to anyone about the innocence of his wife. He orders his …show more content…

Paulina however has Leontes promise that he will not marry again. This scene gives clues that Hermione may not be dead, as Paulina gives the inclination that he should wait for the resurrection of his wife. As the scene follows in Paulina’s home, she reveals the statue created to depict an aged Hermione. There is great detail in the art which overwhelms Leontes, where Paulina offers to draw the curtain. Leontes rejects her offer and in that instance Paulina cues for dramatic music and the statue comes to life. The last scene can be interrupted in many different ways. It is true to form in Shakespeare’s plays that there is an element of magic and mystery. Paulina could be the magical witch in the play where she has the powers to resurrect Hermione from the dead. It does however seem more likely that Hermione was alive throughout the play. When Hermione was said to be dead of a broken heart, she did so off stage. There was only word that she was not dead, it was not seen. This could be interpreted that Hermione was sent into hiding. She could be in hiding for various reasons such as to teach her wrongfully accusing husband a lesson, or to wait for her reunion with her daughter. When Paulina asks for Leontes to promise that he will not marry again, she is almost setting up for Hermione’s return to the play. Although it is not to off to think that the resurrection of Hermione was a magical miracle, there is more evidence to show that she was truly alive

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