Herve Falciani Whistleblower

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In the article written by Martha Hamilton, Herve Falciani was a bank computer expert who became a wanted man when he exposed HSBC bank in Sweden. He claimed it was done to expose unethical behavior however, the bank claimed he was a disloyal employee who exposed the bank’s practices for personal gains. This paper will define key concepts, rationalize arguments for and against, give a final position on the actions of Mr. Falciani.
Two main terms that will be encountered are whistleblower and loyal employee agent argument. According to (Boatwright, 2012) whistleblowing “is the release of information by a former member or member of an organization”. This means that for whistleblowing to occur there must be a correlation between the blower and the establishment in which the blower sees the company’s methods or practices …show more content…

Falciani was a trusted employee of the bank. He was also responsible for the positive changes the previous branch of HSBC encountered. He was sent to Sweden to implement similar changes in this branch however, his changes was met with much resilience from the employees in the branch. He uncovered unethical practices being conducted as part of the bank’s practice. It can be noted that Mr. Falciani said he alerted bank officials about the problem however, nothing was done about it.
Further investigation of this article, showed HSBC bank had measures in place to report whistleblowing there were two means. First, chat with line management or report to the whistleblowing hotline. Additionally, HSBC had a lot of confidential information which its clients were assured confidentiality. Mr. Falciani downloaded this information that he had privilege to. This shows personal interest in the information gathered. The information exposed endangered the lives of many persons and the public. This is because it caused the government to pursue persons who were trying to get away from paying exorbitant

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