Hester Prynne Hypocrisy

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The first character guilty of hypocrisy in the puritan society is Hester Prynne. Everyone she loves, is done so in a hypocritical manner. She manages to hide the man in her affair claiming a deep devotion towards him. This leads the readers to conclude that Hester is in fact in love with Arthur Dimmesdale. However, she is a hypocrite for claiming that she loves him yet says nothing when, her husband, Roger Chillingworth, slowly tortures him for seven years. She loves Arthur plenteous to not expose him to the puritans but, not sufficiently to inform him of her knowledge of Chillingworth's cruel intentions against him. Another victim of her sin is her own daughter Pearl. Hester loves her daughter enough to sacrifice to feed and clothe her but, not enough to let her have a father. Despite previously stated, Hester also participates…show more content…
Initially he is a man of logic and reason. Be that as it may, he begins to let his emotions control his seek for revenge. His want for retaliation seeps into his field of medicine. As a physician he believes he is supposed to care for patients and never intentionally hurt them but, he himself deliberately shatters the belief and hurts Dimmesdale. After, he boasts the details to Hester. She then begins to question if he tortured Arthur. Chillingworth replies "No! No! He has but increased the debt!"(Hawthorne 118). The idea that he takes pride in inflicting pain upon his patient and announcing himself the optimal physician, makes him a hypocrite. He was not only a hypocrite in his medicine but, also toward Hester. Roger confesses to Hester that he is to be held accountable for their failed marriage. He leads on to state that he was seeking no vengeance nor to plot evil against her and that the scale hung fairly balanced. Later, it becomes clear his real intentions were purely our of revenge which shows his true hypocritical
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