Heterosexuality And Homosexuality

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I’m gay. The words that can ruin a relationship or better one, but as much as you hope for the positive reaction, it can also be the negative. All my life I’ve been running from my truth, and never confronting it. I was raised by two loving and caring parents, yet I’ve always known at the end of the day that love could disappear. I always feared the day to tell my parents about my sexuality, and even writing this essay gets me nervous. My parents were both raised catholic, and have very strict views on the world and that includes the idea that heterosexuality is the norm. I didn’t start thinking about my sexuality until I was around twelve, and I was dating a girl for two years whom I became close to, but I never shared an attraction towards her. We bonded like best friends, but there was never much of a romantic side to our relationship. I never found this weird I just continued until I began to get harassed by my own soccer team about not having any kind of romantic side to my relationship with the girl. My soccer team became violent, and never let go the fact that I wasn’t interacting the way “men” should be interacting towards a woman. The soccer team then made sure I left the team, and one of my teammates tripped me which caused my leg to twist. After being able to recover I quit the team, and quickly I became depressed and attempted my dance with death, but my mother walked in the room before I could harm myself any further. This alerted her to speak to the

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