Hictor Pauly's Creation

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A very famous scientist by the name of Hictor Pauly had been struggling to publicize a creation in years. His last creation, the television, was a great success and led him to the success he has today. Many members of the press stopped by his laboratory in his own village of Hictorville to find out more information on what he was working on but he chased them off with mutated sloths, one of his past creations. As these sloths were equipped with 2000mW laser eyes, nails as sharp as a machete, and faster than cheetahs, nobody picked a fight with them. Many months went by without Sir Pauly being bothered by the press. The phone rang in the local news channel office. Hictor called and he wanted someone to come down so he could showcase his latest creation. Hictor seemed very excited on the phone and he has never asked to be covered by the press, so they thought it was a joke and Hictor was mocking them. A week goes by and yet again Sir Pauly calls asking to be covered by…show more content…
I am about to reveal my secret plans that I have devoted years to creating right here on television. It is a special device that I will allow each and every one of you to use for all the support you have given me. I reveal to you… the Teli, a fully functional teleportation machine capable of transferring your current exact state, including your conscience to another location. Teli uses a new technology I invented to read the exact state of a human within milliseconds and send it to a predefined location where the other machine reads the data and makes you at the new location. I must warn you before using it though, as reading your state introduces your body to extreme levels of stress, which affects you at your new location as well. Due to this occurrence, I highly advise you not to use the machine more than once nor should it be used by children under sixteen. Starting now, I make it available to the public, so come to my lab to use it for
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