Hidden Intellectualism. According To The Oxford English

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Hidden Intellectualism

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term “street-smarts” is defined as “The experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment”. This term is often seen more negatively in the context of college acceptance and level of general intelligence. The idea of street smarts and book smarts is argued in terms of good and bad or good and bad judgment. Success has been determined in society as a well balance of both street smarts and book smarts. Intelligence, like many other aspects of life, has more than just one layer. Intelligence is diverse and multi-dimensional. Intelligence is not just seen as academic, there is practical intelligence as
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Even through childhood, I had never been very interested in school. I have always been more concerned and focused elsewhere. I have always had a passion for art, especially music. These are subjects I know about thoroughly well. I think passion plays an important role in the quality of your work. I never felt strongly about math or english, but exceeded in art, science, and social sciences, like psychology and sociology. I believe these concepts work together. Even though science, psychology, and sociology are considered academic subjects, I can relate them all together. These kinds of subjects allow you to expand your mind past just facts and words in a book. I use my own experiences to relate and to observe. I find interest in subjects where I can learn from others and learn from myself. Books can hold a lot of information, but the human brain can consume information that can be translated into actions. A human brain can create and think beyond a world that is strictly black and white. A human being possesses feelings and experiences. Street-smarts are produced by experience. During elementary school, I had a lot of exposure to hostility from teachers because of my lack of interest in the academics. This always made me feel discouraged. All throughout this time, I felt as if my lack of academic interest meant my natural creativity had no impact or a negative impact on my success. I
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