High For Hours Analysis

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The American government is one that comes with many uncertainties and contradictions. The United States of America is said to be one of the greatest and most dominant nation in the world; led by the President of the United States. But through J. Cole’s lyrics in the song “High for Hours” you will realize that the world’s greatest nation is not as great as it is portrayed to be and wields a corrupt government. J. Cole is a popular rap artist who constantly provokes his listeners to analyze what he is saying through his lyrics. In the song “High for Hours”, J. Cole’s diction is used to express his questions that he has about the history of American Government and where its heading in the near future. Cole starts his first verse by saying “American …show more content…

This was a big deal for him. He spoke on how he thought he would be nervous when it was his turn to speak, but when it was his turn to speak he spoke rather confidently. Cole asked the president if he saw the struggle of oppression the young black men across the country have been going through and if so, with him being the president, what is keeping him from helping the cause? The president’s response was rather swift but he was able to show Cole that he was aware of the things going on and that he truly cared. That answer just wasn’t enough for Cole, with the president being looked at as the most powerful man in the country, Cole was puzzled as to what could possibly be stopping him from making change. Even though the U.S. government is a democracy, Obama’s democratic party did not hold the majority in the House of Representatives or Senate and Cole didn’t seem to understand why the most powerful man in America couldn’t make the change he wanted ( Obama explained “There’s thing I wanna fix, but you know… politics”. If it were up to Obama he would surely make the make change but with our political system it is more difficult than it appears to be. Cole leaves the second verse with a gem “Don’t stop fightin’ and don’t stop believing, you can make the world better for your kids before you leave

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