High Leverage Teaching Practice

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My cooperating teacher displayed so many of the high-leverage teaching practices, so I had to limit my discussion to the five that I thought were the most interesting. She displayed “explaining and modeling content,” “setting up and managing small group work,” “eliciting and interpreting individual’s thinking,” “building respectful relationships with students,” and “specifying and reinforcing productive student behavior.” The first high-leverage teaching practice is called “explaining and modeling content, practices, and strategies”. This method is found in almost all math classrooms. When a new topic was introduced, my CT explicitly wrote out all of the steps to the problem. Then she modeled all of the steps with an example by both verbalizing her thoughts and writing them down. She even wrote out a thought bubble whenever the students had to add a positive and a negative number. Although the problem tells you to add, they must think subtract. Another high leverage practice that I observed is called “setting up and managing small group work.” On a Friday, my CT put a story problem on the board and told her students to try the problem on their own. After …show more content…

She also talks about these mistakes when she's modeling the content. They also spend time interpreting students work on the board, and they talk about other methods and places where someone might have gone wrong. The teacher also asks questions that forces students to explain why their answer is what it is. This practice is one that I’ve been able to work on a lot throughout my college career. I teach math labs for college algebra on campus, and the whole point of lab is to talk about different methods and pose questions to the students in order to enhance their comprehension of the

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