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Field Experience My first day of observations had finally arrived. Filled with excitement, I opened the doors to Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, and walked into the front office to sign in as a guest for the day. I made my way to the second grade wing to do my first observation for my field experience report. The second grade instructor greeted me as I entered her classroom, with a big bright smile I found made her classroom warm and inviting.
Mrs. Lawrence had her students’ desks arranged in three rows of grouped tables. The first row is composed of eight tables and chairs, second row is composed of nine tables and chairs, the third row is composed of eleven tables and chairs, and one table is leaned up against the teacher’s desk.
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Students requiring assistance in a specific area are removed from class during the lesson’s time slot as an attempt to assist and improve a student’s understanding of said lesson. During my observations in her classroom, I observed Reading/Writing and Math lessons. For her Reading/Writing lesson, she discussed cause and effect. She had a couple of examples displayed on the smart board. She read the sentence and called on students to answer specific questions relating to her lesson. Some students were eager to answer and others not so much.
Mrs. Lawrence frequently utilizes rhymes and actions, such as rhythm hand clapping to gain her student’s attention. She also uses songs to give students enough time to get their things together during lesson transitions or station transitions located throughout her classroom. The sayings and hand actions very catchy, and her signing was a great way to get students to take responsibility for themselves and to do as instructed. Mrs. Lawrence divided her students into four stations or groups during her Reading/Writing and Math lessons. A group of students played educational games on the smart board, a second group would silent read during reading/writing, a third group would work on worksheets, and a fourth group would meet with here for one-on-one lesson instruction. Mrs. Lawrence had her students rotate every
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