High Risk Pools At One Time A Patients ' Last Hope

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High Risk Pools were at one time a patients’ last hope. If all other types of insurance became unavailable for them, they could apply to High Risk Pools which were solely purposed for those with terminal illnesses and critical diseases. They were often put on very short wait lists of 1-2 weeks and doctors could speed up the process by declaring the insurance emergent. However, since the ACA prohibits any consideration of coverage based on medical conditions, insurance companies closed many of their high risk pools (Health Insurance). Throughout my visits at CHKD, I heard about numerous different situations in which the insurance companies have left their customers out in the cold looking for a choice and balance that no longer exists.…show more content…
Much of this I was stunned to learn and it just shines a light on how unfair the healthcare system is. In an article I read, titled 10 Things Health Insurers Won’t Tell You, several points were synonymous to things I had heard from friends at CHKD. The first: “Your deductible is only the beginning” (Mincer). It is shocking to most people when they find this out, and most people never find this out unless they are sick for a long period of time. A deductible is the amount the individual must pay out of pocket before the insurance company will cover a claim. It is usually an annual renewal, and most people would assume that means that once you pay up to your deductible, everything else is covered for the rest of the year. However, “Nancy Metcalf, a senior program editor at Consumer Reports Health, notes consumers still often have to kick in thousands of dollars in co-pays and other expenses. And those costs seem to be rising” (Mincer). The chart below depicts the rise in out of pocket medical costs from 2001 to 2006. Just imagine how stressful this would be, going to cancer treatments and, as if that isn’t enough, having to continually pay on top of a massive deductible. Figure 5 Rise of Out of Pocket Medical Costs (Chart design (Ehle, Figure 5), Chart Information (Mincer)). In addition to the deductible renewal, insurance companies and doctors also tend to recommend the name brand prescription due to the mindset that
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