High School Agricultural Science Teacher

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As a future high school agricultural science teacher, I have put quite a bit of thought into what resources will make me the best teacher I can be. Of course there are many websites, books, and workshops that I can use as resources. However, I think my best opportunity comes from current and former teachers. Who better to learn from than those that have already dedicated many years to the field of education? The first teacher I interviewed was my high school agricultural science teacher, Kevin Wunderlich. Mr. Wunderlich is a graduate at Texas A&M University and has been teaching at Riesel High School for 31 years. There are not many agricultural science teachers that stay in the same place they began teaching. I think that commitment is one of the many qualities that makes him a great agricultural science teacher. Mr. Wunderlich said he didn’t decide that teaching was what he really wanted to do until after he student taught. He had a great student teaching experience that reminded him of why he really enjoyed being involved in his high school ag program. What really drew him in was the fact that he trained a state qualifying meats judging team as student teacher. He said he was reminded of how good it felt to get a great outcome out of hours of hard work and dedication. Mr. Wunderlich said the most rewarding part of being an agricultural science teacher was seeing students succeed in team events, animal projects, and FFA degrees. Another reward that he mentioned was the

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