High School At The 10th Grade

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On October 2010, I was drop out of high school at the 10th grade. From that moment I came to realize that there is no way, I can complete my studies. I was become homeless for a week because I didn’t have any place to live, all my family dislike me because I didn’t do well at school. One of the thoughts that came through my mind was to kill somebody and go to jail. Suddenly, an amazing thing happened: my superhero and lovely brother rescued me out of the streets and gave me hope. The one who had faith in me, always motivated me, protected me and supported me whether in good or bad times, he is just simply amazing and I just couldn’t imagine my life without him. However on January 2011, we started looking for some school for me to continue to study, but regardless of limited space in school, I was not able to get in. We have been trying very hard, but things don 't work out according to our plan. I was giving up and told my brother to quit. As the matter of fact, he told me that, “Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit”. From that very moment, he completely changes my life. He motivates me and keep pushing me not to give up. Suddenly, I got a feeling inside my heart that one fine day I am going to make my brother proud. No matter how tough things gat I was decided to move to other states looking for some school whether they can accept me without any proper communication with the school. By the time I went there, the registration was closed, and the
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