High School Dropping Out : The Escape

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Dropping Out: The Escape Today’s Government has produced a focus on education with its importance for one to be successful through passing laws, having numerous debates, and speaking out on the crucial subject. Throughout these actions, a number of responses have poured out from all regions across the nation. Dropping out is a way to escape a place associating social outcast, jocks and nerds together to form a student body that sometimes will oppress one another. Every twenty-six seconds a graduating class decreases by one, creating an average graduation rate of 80%. The effects of this create problems that harm people both economically and socially. Over a lifetime one who does not graduate high school earns $200,000 less than a person would if they did go on to get their diploma, including not having a chance of obtaining the 90% of jobs that are now made unavailable for the dropout. Socially, nearly 75% of dropouts are connected to crimes in the United States while 30% of girls blame pregnancy as the cause of their leaving of education. Overall this is a cause that if fixed can solve many problems through law and economics that will produce a stronger government base. The continuous rate of high school dropouts brings a negative impact through social, economical, and mental problems that creates a downfall in the landscape of society.
The consistent dropout rate creates a reliance on crimes and other resources that create a social issue with a poor impact on society.

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