High School Drug Use Among High Schools Essay

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High School Drug Use There are many contributing factors that can lead to heroin and other drug use among high school students. Factors such as the availability and the growth of drugs in society, the enormous weight of peer pressure students face, the socio economics issues that students are a part of that can lead high school students down this destructive path. The use of harmful drugs by high school students has been on the rise ever since our country has declared war on drugs. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana has been smuggled into the nation at an unprecedented rate. The influx of heroin and other harmful drugs has become so widespread and available that it’s easily attainable for high school students. The availably of heroin, cocaine, and other drug has no boundaries, it affects students in urban areas as well as rural areas. The availability of heroin and other drugs is so vast that Norco kingpins from countries in South America, Asia and Europe reap enormous profits from drugs being consumed in America. The amount of heroin and other drugs available to high school students from these countries is at an all-time high. The accessibility of these terrible drugs is one of the leading causes for the increased use of heroin for high school students. The inquisitive nature of high school students will lead some of them to experiment and even become addicted to terrible drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Being taught and semi educated against the
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