High School Gym Research Paper

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Gym class is a place for kids to run around and have fun. Gym is a place where tall or short, boy or girl, smart or athletic meet up with friends and play games. That is what it is like in seventh grade gym class. The first thing that the seventh graders did was do a 6 six minute warm up run, around the gymnasium. The students ran a many different paces and with many different people. Most of the girls just walked and talked to each other, which lost them points toward their grades. There was one girl in peculiar that was trying to fake the teachers that she was running, by pumping her arms, but it did not work. The girl’s arms moved so weirdly, it was like a dancing inflatable at the car dealership. Two boys who were very athletic, turned on the jets and started racing each other. After the 6 minutes, all of the students got on the ground for push ups. Most of the kids moaned and groaned. Each student had to do ten, and at the same time as Mrs.Underwood called “up” and “down”. One of the kids who was in the race, did extra push ups, but did not stay at the same pace with Mrs. Underwood. “Up” and “down” seemed to be a difficult …show more content…

Mr. Brubaker's group was learning how to play basketball. On that specific Tuesday, the kids started learning how to make a layup. The station started when Mr. Brubaker asked the kids questions on what they remembered from the last class. Two volunteers were chosen to show the rest of the class how to do a correct layup. One boy and one girl was chosen as a volunteer. After the kids demonstrated, all of the kids raised their hands until they got a number. After they got a number, they put their hand down. When every student’s hand was down, they went to the same group that corresponded with the number that they were given. One boy, who was about to take his shot was overheard saying, “This is too easy. Give me a harder challenge.” The boy missed shortly after he made that

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