High School Start Times Research Paper

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Beep beep beep! An alarm clock wails as a tenneager gets up at 6AM to go to school. The teen is groggy from not sleeping enough the night before and has to be at school by 7AM. According to Mental Health Weekly Digest, the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) is calling for high schools to start no earlier than 8:30AM. Despite this, the majority of high schools start class between 7 and 8AM. Consequently, students are not getting the recommended 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep (Mental). Because of this, later school start times are the best way to combat teenage sleeping patterns that conflict with school schedules. Pediatricians in the United States are pushing for high schools to not start class any earlier than 8:30AM (Sieniuc). According to …show more content…

These activities include clubs, sports teams, and jobs. There are a few remedies to the problem however. One example is busses that have wifi so student athletes can work on homework while on their way to a sporting event (Hoffman). Another cure is that clubs and sports can meet before school (Hoffman). The challenges that are presented to the students who participate in after school activities have a great benefit. While participating in these activities, the students can learn how to manage their time. The idea of time management is a key life lesson that students can be taught by later start …show more content…

71% of parents agree with the APP guidelines calling for school to shift back start times (Mental). The support of students’ parents plays a crucial role in influencing school boards just as much as students do. The ideas of parents impact their children greatly; if parents can teach their students the importance of healthy living, students can practice that in their daily lives. The students of Rockville, Maryland staged a “sleep-in” where they camped outside to persuade the Montgomery County Board of Education to delay start times (Mental). Parents can guide their children to take charge of their lives to do what is best for themselves and be actively involved like the students of Rockville. By supporting what is best for their children, parents can lead them to a healthier

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