Higher Education And High Education

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Over the last several decades, higher education has gone through an unprecedented growth period, and as a result, the average university has more students and a larger output now than ever before (Amaral, Jones, and Karseth, 2013). Higher education is a privilege that I value immensely. Having gone through my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to earning my Bachelor’s degree, I have come to appreciate the difficult and sometimes the seemingly never ending road of obtaining a college degree. These days it seems that a high school diploma is not enough, and in a lot of cases, a Bachelor’s degree is not enough, but it is difficult to determine the true value of higher education. Students, educators, employers, and everyone in between has a different definition of the true value of higher education. It all depends on what pushes you to want to achieve a higher level of education. Do people want that Bachelors, Masters, or PhD for more money, higher status, to feel successful, or because it is what you are “supposed to do”? If we are all honest, it is more than likely a combination of all of those reasons. For me, it is definitely a combination of wanting to earn more money and so that I may personally feel successful. I have been in college off and on for over 10 years so the time to graduate is now, and there is nothing that will stop me from achieving that goal.
Over the course of my five semesters at Athens State University, I have acquired several skills that I…
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