Is College Worth A Education?

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Is college worth attending? Many graduating students are leaving college today with enormous amounts of student’s loans debt. Sometimes they do not obtain the college degree that they were going to school for. Today many induvial believe that getting a good education is the key to success in our society. There are issues that challenge the notion of higher education being worth its price. While in college, many students suffer stress from all the school work and responsibilities that is required of today colleges and universities. We are for all intents and purposes raised and adapted to trust that one needs advanced education with a specific end goal to succeed in life. As innovation is continually progressing and personal computers are…show more content…
They choice to accept these low paying jobs is not just because they are not able to find employment in their chosen field. Even with a bachelor or master degree one must understand there will always be massive competition for every highly compensating job. Some students attends college and make the best grades as other students do not. If a student is unable to handle the stress of college work they will often fail. Even If a student don’ts make the grades they still have to pay for their classes. There have been same studies to see if college is worth the cost. So far college most of the time is not worth it. When the average induvial thinks about attending college they usually thank the end result will be a higher paying job. It doesn’t matter what level degree one has, there will always be completion for any job. It just a beneficial speculation that many people have the idea that college will always lead to higher paying job. This is not always the case. Michelle Adam states “the study reported that a majority of Americans (57%) say that the higher education system in the United States fails to provide students with good value for the money.” That’s more than half of students that are going to college and not getting what they thought they would from college. The high education is going in the wrong direction. In this century many induvial are not obtaining this dream higher
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