Higher Education At The United States

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Higher education here in the United States is widely accessible to students, however, there are some students in communities that do not attend because of their background differences. There would be students that are discouraged or do not have the proper resource to help them out because they are first generation college students. Also, they could be struggling with financial issue that can also be a factor that prevent the students to achieve a higher education. Most of the time students who struggle usually comes from parent of color who are mostly from the lower end of the class structure. Beside the financial struggle, first year college students seem to be lost and intimidated by the process. Although higher education is widely accessible in the United States; however, pursuing higher education is hard to achieve, because each ethnic groups and socio- economic class are exposed to different types resources and have different struggle in life. Students coming from the working class structure seem to have more of a financial struggle than people who are above them. This resulted to them having a less likely chance of attending college because they are always working to earn money. For example in the article Class in America written by Gregory Mantsios, he created three profiles. One of the profiles he had created was an African American woman 's name Cheryl Mitchell. She only attended community college for one semester before dropping out because of her financial
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