Hinduism And Hindu Rituals

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Hindu Rituals

The religious group I chose to explore is Hinduism. One of the main foundations of the Hindu religion is the belief in reincarnation. They believe that when the body dies, the soul departs through the top of their head. They believe it’s only their body that dies and the soul is reborn in a different form after death. The idea is they will be reborn into a future life that is based on past thoughts and actions. This belief is called Karma. They feel that if you were evil in your present life your new life will be filled with great suffering. They also believe they can cancel out negative actions with things such as confessions, fasting, and prayer. They have certain rituals that they believe must be performed to have a successful passing and return. The Hindu religion believes to break the cycle and avoid reincarnation one must reach what they call Moksha. This is a state of salvation when the soul is absorbed into Brahman, who is the highest god of Hinduism. To help achieve this goal they have funeral rites they follow. Hindu funeral rites can vary somewhat however they all have a set of steps they follow. Those are completed according to the customs, means, and ability of the family.

Pre-Death Ceremonies
The first part of their rituals begins when death is near. The Hindu tradition is to die at home. If a loved one is in the hospital and death seems to be near they will do all that they can to bring them home. They notify family members to come and gather.

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