Hinduism: The Caste System

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Hinduism is one of many religions practiced in the world. According to an article focused on the background and beliefs of Asian religions, Hinduism is a religion “developed over many centuries from a variety of sources: cultural practices, sacred texts, and philosophical movements, as well as local popular beliefs,” (“Beliefs Made Visible” 4). A system assigned by birth and social class is well known and used in this religion, otherwise known as a Caste System. In their respective groups, individuals will be born into these groups and must stay in their separate group until their death (“The Caste System” 1). It is divided into four categories: Brahmin (priests, scholars), Kshatriya (warriors), Vaishya (traders) and Shudra (laborers), (“Hindu Caste System” 1).
Followers of Hinduism holds a belief that all beings are equal and holds unyielding respect for plants and animals as well as for humankind. It is part of their beliefs that human beings are not superior to
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I feel that although it is a virtuous belief made for people to do the right deeds, ultimately Karma is not something that exists. In today’s society, many people are capable of performing acts of evil and will still be able to escape from the consequences. Thinking of young children developing cancer at a young age, women suffering from rape incidents and innocent citizens caught in mass shootings; what have they done that is so deserving of such bad Karma? I also believe that emotions such as greed and hatred is essential to being human, and that having such feelings will not necessarily harm others. I find the idea of keeping one’s emotions pure and forgiving for the sake of good Karma too be much too difficult. Ultimately, I feel as though that events that happen in an individual’s life is carried out through fate or destiny, and that each action that we take will not recompense through
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