Hinduism Was One Of The Religions That I Found To Be Most

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Hinduism was one of the religions that I found to be most intriguing and different than most of the religions that are now major. The word Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu which is what the Persians called them because of where they were from. Hindu are those who follow the way of dharma, the four classes of varnas and stages of life ashramas.” Hinduism is a major world religion because of its influences throughout time that have shaped other religions that branched off from it. Hinduism is an ancient religion that was founded near 1,500 B.C. It is a religion that has perceiver through many different times of persecution and its one enemy time. It originated in India which is what many Indus people originated. Most Hindus …show more content…

I found this interesting because there are many contradictions that arise when going more into depth on what they believe in. One contradiction is the way they reincarnate into different forms and how some people may take the form of something they kill to eat. Should all life not be saved considering that a god is in the form of everything. They are forbidden from eating cows which is quite abnormal because we Americans eat beef every day. They believe that the cow is a sacred animal which is why many of them are vegetarians. They worship cows because of their uses in agriculture and in nature. The cow represents all other creatures because it always gives and feeds representing live and the support of it. There are rites of passage that each Hindu believe are important because they are the milestones in someone’s life. It starts rom the first time they eat, to getting a haircut, girls getting their first menstruation cycle, and getting pregnant. Everything important that happens in their life is considered to be an achievement. The most notable of the latter is the pinda, a ball of rice and sesame seeds given by the eldest male child so that the ghost of his father may pass from limbo into rebirth. This is significant because they want the best for people’s rebirth so they can find their way back to life. The women do a daily ritual to make offerings to the gods around them and in their life. Women perform this ritual because they are closer to the gods and have

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