Hip Hop : An Evolving Youth Culture

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Hip-hop is influential on a family 's relationship, the life, and education of the new generation. When talking about the culture of Hip-hop one should know about lifestyle influence and literary development. “Hip Hop is Now: An Evolving Youth Culture”, is about how hip-hop has been an influence on society, primarily the youth. Also, how the younger generation treats life differently compared to the older generation. The article is written by Carl Taylor and Virgil Taylor. “Promoting Academic Literacy with Urban Youth through Engaging Hip-Hop Culture” is written by, Ernest Morrell and Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade. The article is about how hip-hop can effectively become a part of school literacy. Both articles are centered around the influence on hip-hop. One tells how hip-hop has been an influence of life, the second article explains how hip-hop can be an academic influence. On August 11, 2015 hip-hop had developed to see 42 years of age. Though four point two decades seems like a large amount of time it is a minor amount compared to other genres such as gospel and classical, hip-hop is still young and developing. Hip-hip is still a youthful sprout, though it has been able to plant robust roots that have reached out around the world. With hip-hop set as one of the most powerful forms of music it is also a fundamental line to inspire lifestyle, character, and personal actions. For some youths it’s the only source of knowledge about what goes on in the street and government

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