Hip-Hop Culture, Questions And Answers

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1 What does it mean to say that when a rapper goes into the studio they have “two people in their head”? Him, in the terms of who he really is. And the thug that he feels he needs to portray himself as. 2 According to the filmmaker, what did most of the young, aspiring rap artists rap about at the BET festival? Violence, gangs, and how they portray themselves as an alpha. 3 How have masculinity and violence been connected throughout history? The American mindset has a man portrayed as violent to protect his territory. He’s praised and considered a bad ass. 4 How have the origins of hip-hop influenced the culture of hip-hop? It was created in the ghetto by poor minorities. These places, such as the Bronx, were considered war-zones. People were terrified to go into these places.…show more content…
Bitches are defined by how they were dressed. This relates to the hip-hop culture by objectifying women and using them to feed their own egos. 12 How is “black death” being “pimped” by corporations? 13 How do men enacting hip-hop posturing usually attack other men? How does this reflect homophobic and sexist attitudes in hip-hop culture? When men want to call other men degrading words, they use the words they describe women as. Artists in the hip-hop culture are taught that being gay is wrong, and they do not associate themselves in that area. Therefore, they attack it through their music. 14 How does homoeroticism manifest itself in hip-hop culture? Men portray themselves sexually in their videos as well. It isn’t talked about, but it attracts men. They are looked at like gods and guys envy that. The poses with the shirt off and the pants sagging is considered a masculine and thug thing to do, but is also very homoerotic. 15 According to the young rappers at the Hip-Hop Power Summit, why don’t artists rap about content other than violence? How does their pursuit to make it “big” hinder their ability to rap about what they
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