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  • Rakim Mayer Research Paper

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    Rakim Mayers was born October 3rd, 1988 in the city of Harlem, New York. Growing up without his father in most of his life Rakim moved from shelter to shelter with his mother and sisters. And on the ways he began selling marijuana and soon crack to help provide for his family after the lost of his brother. After losing his brother A.S.A.P Rocky began seeking inspiration for his rapping, which would soon be what helped him rise from the streets of Harlem. Having learned to rap from his older brother

  • Hip Hop Planet

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    For as long as mankind has walked on this earth, music has been an important part of our culture and lifestyles. Each walk of life beats to a different drum. Different cultures use music for many aspects of their lives; for religious purposes, for celebrations, for comfort, for sorrow, for relaxation, for sports, for dances, for energy, for learning, for sleeping, and for sexual experiences. Everyone uses music for something. Music connects with people and reaches them in ways that words simply

  • Butterfly by Drake Adams

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    Gently flapping its wings, The delicate butterfly hovers above the leaves, So graceful, but so delicate, A true beauty in this world, Then, smack! Swatted out of the sky, None other than by the young girl, Jealous of the butterfly’s beauty. Drake Adams hands in his publication of his new poem, “Butterfly.” He has successfully produced twenty poems. Although he is only twenty-one years old, Drake’s poetry skills are far greater than many of older and more experienced poets like his brother, Darius

  • Is Chicago A Serious Problem?

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    Chicago is facing a serious problem. Over this year 's Fourth of July Weekend, eighty four people were shot resulting in fourteen deaths. After this violent weekend, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel nearly called for total martial law, calling upon United States Military 's support to help protect Chicago 's citizens and patrol Chicacgo 's streets. So far in 2015, over 2,300 people have been shot in the city of Chicago, and it is only a matter of days until the death toll surpasses four hundred on the year. There

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' How Father Time A Deadbeat '

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    Saba - “ComfortZone” “How father time a deadbeat Maybe I 'm adopted That 'll explain why all of my shit been so timeless…” When I woke up on the sunny morning of May 2, 2013 I had no clue that hip-hop, in my eyes, would change forever. But that’s exactly what happened when I hopped in my car, plugged in my iPod, rolled the windows down and turned the volume just past blaring as “Even better than I was the last time…” poured through my speakers. For a lot of reason’s Chance the Rapper’s critically

  • Key For Key, Pound For Pound, I 'm The Biggest Dope Dealer

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    “Key for key, pound for pound, I’m the biggest dope dealer, I serve all over town.” Imagine being on a jury of a drug related case and hearing these rap lyrics played as evidence. Would you immediately charge the defendant of drug distribution or would you consider his lyrics as a form of artistic expression? In the court system the disclosure of rap lyrics written by a defendant as evidence is an ongoing controversy that is becoming increasingly popular and accepted. Jurors face a difficult decision

  • Music Is A Good Type Of Music

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    Music in my Ears Music is used widely by many different ages, races, and sexes. There are many different music genres. The majority of them all has a story behind them or a reason they were made. Everyone likes their own type of music, just as well as they all have their own perspective of it. Some people believe rap music is a good type of music and others believe that it is a bad influence on young children growing up. They assume the young children will grow up living by what is being said in

  • Rap Music And Its Effect On Society Essay

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    Most people think that it is only classical music that has a positive effect on society because of its soft tune and melody, but in fact rap music can have that same effect. The reason that some people think rap music leads to violence is because gang members can often be found listening to rap music, and they dress in the urban clothing style of rappers. The reality is that rap music is greatly misunderstood. The media often portrays rap music as negative and focuses on rap music more when it is

  • An Ideological Exploration Of Macklemore 's Racial Redemption As A Musical Genre And Cultural Movement

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    An Ideological Exploration of Macklemore’s Racial Redemption As a musical genre and cultural movement, Hip Hop and Rap have been both cultural phenomena and musical genres within the United States that have reached internationally and driven conversations on sociopolitical troubles such as war, violence, and racism. Hip Hop and rap which at times have been used interchangeably, have seen drastic changes in both their reception as musical genres and have garnered vast visibility within the United

  • Culture And Cultural Stereotyping In Hip-Hop Music

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    Cultural appropriation the act of taking or using things from another culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect this culture. For centuries, Hip-Hop has been the most controversial genre in the history of music from racy lyrics from artist such as N.W.A to artist such as Vanilla Ice, Eminem, The Beastie Boys, Mac Miller, Iggy azalea who for obvious reasons have been associated with the controversial stigma in the Hip-Hop community known as ethnic stereotyping.