Hiroaki (Rocky) Aoki and Benihana's

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In 1964, Hiroaki (Rocky) Aoki opened the first Benihana 's on the West Side of New York City. This would prove to be a beautifully planned opportunity for the young restaurateur in that the idea and marketing approach was unique. This concept has outlived other competitors as well as proved to be worthy of expansion. The concept has not changed in the forty years of the business. However there are certain opportunities that have displayed themselves to Rocky. This has proved to be difficult for the management to adapt to. There are questions of expansion, franchisizing, which has already been attempted, expansions into other realms of business and as well as selling products under the brand name. This of course will raise many …show more content…
At the same time, research should be conducted into the concept of fast food chains. It is strictly recommended to change the name of these restaurants and associate only by affiliation. Monitoring of this can be conducted in the same way as the marketing research provided in the case. A question that should be addressed is whether or not the attitudes/perceptions of clientele would change after knowing that Benihana also had a fast food change. Immediate disengagement from the fast food chain is recommended if either the fast food chain or Benihana 's experience profit loss. Expansion in to the production line type environment is strictly discouraged. It has been shown that the Benihana model works with the combination of food quality, service and atmosphere. The hurdle from this concept to being known only for the food quality is too costly and may prove to be unsuccessful in the future. At the same time, the name would have to display the Benihana name to promote that quality. If this concept were to fail, this could later have a damaging effect upon the Benihana name itself. Therefore, it is recommended that the product line concept be discarded. Modifications within the Benihana model could also prove to be very costly. The side effects could prove disastrous to the name as well as take away from the three pointed model. By changing the interior or the service team, Rocky would be

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