Hispanic Family Assesment Paper

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In this paper the theories of multigenerational family therapy and structural family therapy are applied to the Melendez family. Beginning with the biography of the Hispanic family, assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the family, stage of the family life cycle, cultural elements that impact the family and explanation of the types and qualities of relationships depicted in the Melendez genogram and ecomap the foundation for therapeutic goals and interventions are set. Goals and interventions based on the multigenerational family therapy theory are theoretically applied with the goal of the family to recognize emotional patterns to decrease anxiety. The Structural Theory application will focus on the presenting
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“I know my mom and dad love each other but their marriage is not healthy and has not been for a long time.” “They don’t even sleep in the same room”. (personal communication, 08/03/2013). Selyna states she feels like her mother is depressed, but would never admit to it. Selyna and her sister Stephanie are very close to their mother. Selyna’s brother Sergio is gay which has caused the greatest conflict with his father and has resulted in a poor relationship with conflict and discord. Selyna states “When my brother came out it was the most stress I have ever seen my family endure it was very hard for all of us. I have never stopped loving my brother and was able to look past it, but my father never has and I don’t think he ever will” (personal communication, 08/03/2013). Selyna describes her relationship with her brother Sergio and her sister Stephanie as close and has depicted on the genogram as extremely close or fused.
Selyna married Adrian Melendez on June 10, 1996. Adrian’s father is George Melendez and mother is Irene Melendez. George recently moved in with Selyna and her husband after Irene’s passing of breast cancer. George has some health problems in relation to his heart disease and Selyna and Adrian felt compelled that he lives with them. George is close to all of his four children. Adrian is the youngest of four children and has a close relationship with his father. Salina and Adrian have three children

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