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African Americans Hester 1
The African American race and the events they have been involved in from 1865- resent day, have single handedly contributed to and shaped the race they are today and the issues they deal with now. There are six specific areas of history that had great impact an effect on shaping African Americans, their culture, the society, and even social status to date. These events include The Civil War, this marked the beginning of freedom for blacks or so they thought. It directly relates to and shows how blacks were given something or promised a way of life but treated completely different. It also sparked all types of injustices one being segregation and the long standing feud between southern and Northern whites.
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The focus is on racial interactions following Emancipation, the complex relationship between race and class, and how segregation practices varied from state to state.
Thomas, Brook, ed. Plessy vs. Ferguson: A Brief History with Documents. Boston: Bedford books 1997
Plessy vs. Ferguson was a case in 1896. Plessy was an African American who refused to sit in the “colored” train car and instead tried to sit in the “white” carriage car. Plessy was of course arrested for violating an 1890 Louisiana Statue that provided for segregated “separate but equal” railroad rules. If you used facilities not delegated for your race you could be held legally liable by the statue of the state.
Plessy was found guilty in a court to of law against Justice John H. Ferguson residing, on the grounds that the law was a reasonable exercise of the states police powers based on custom, usage and tradition in the state. Plessy ended u filing a petition for writs of prohibition in the Supreme Court of Louisiana against Ferguson. Plessy stated that segregation stigmatized blacks and stamped them with a badge of inferiority. The court found for Ferguson and the Supreme Court granted the cert. This is one of the many events that paved the way for things like the civil rights movement.
It put blacks in a state of mind that made them realize they may not be what the Southern whites profess tem to be. It also paved the way for court cases like

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