Historic Value Of The Oregon Historical District

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The Oregon Historical District is a twelve city block area in Dayton, Ohio that is registered with the National Register of Historic Places. This reasonably small area has both commercial and residential land uses. Though mixed use space, commercial and residential, is seen as a modern phenomenon, this area of land is quite old for an American city with the original plat recording in 1829. However, the homes in the area developed over a period of 100 years which allowed for them to development with different architectural features with the most common being Classic Revival. This different architectural development could also be seen throughout the business district. Intriguing ideas held within the historic value of the Oregon Historical District are the ideas of preservation and protection. Instead of requiring its residents to rehabilitate the homes to original status the requirements are that the home look authentic and have the appeal of authenticity. The aesthetic nature of the homes should be less museum-like and more home-like with the intention of preserving the architectural character of the past. In 1975, the Oregon Historical District ratified a Constitution with the most recent amendment in 2014. This Constitution requires that residents that live within the twelve block radius of the district be part of the Oregon District Historic Society. These residents are known as members and pay a yearly membership fee. There is a board of trustees that consists of nine

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