History Education : Historical Time And Historical Change

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1. The two big understandings that we learned in history education were historical time and historical change. Historical time means what it was like in a place at a particular time. For example, what was it like to live in Greeley, Colorado 100 years ago? Historical change is how something changed over a period of time. For example, how did communication change over time from the telegraph to the smartphone?

2. According to David Sobel, the main implications for teachers taking a small-world approach to teaching geography in the elementary grades is to make geography meaningful to the students. Instead of starting with large-world approaches that are abstract, start with firsthand experiences that children have so they can make connections to the content. Using a small-world approach can help students develop connections with their local environment. David Sobel proposes that by using a small-world approach teachers can help students understand geography that is closest to them. It is crucial to build upon students’ knowledge, personal experiences, and the things students care about. Students can explore and make maps of their houses, schools, and neighborhoods. Since they are real places that students can relate to, they can understand the concepts better because they can make personal connections. Students can begin to learn TODALSIGS on the maps they create of their local environments. They can also learn the five themes of geography by studying

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