Cholas Research Paper

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Cholas of Tanjore Cholas Dynasty, otherwise known as the Cholas of Tanjore, is one of the most successful dynasties of India. Little is known about the beginning of the ancient dynasty, however what is known is the dynasty came to an end around the thirteenth century. The Cholas Dynasty had a lasting impression on India, especially in the southern part. Their influence had contributed to great literature and architectural works during their rule. At their peak the dynasty ruled from Sri Lanka all the way to the Godavari basin in the north. The Cholas Dynasty had contributed to India’s history through many facets such as their art, literature and culture. The Cholas Dynasty had very influential and successful leaders as well. Perhaps the most important and most influential was Raja Raja Chola. His reign lasted from 985-1014 CE. His rule was so impactful that he made the Cholas Dynasty one of the most powerful and dominate kingdoms in India. Perhaps the greatest feature of the Chola Dynasty was its temples. Their temples are very unique because of the inscriptions that cover the temples. These inscriptions tell us about the Cholas culture and other stories about themselves as well. The Cholas Dynasty had ushered in a new age of cultural and political significance that had generated a great impact on the people who lived during the Cholas Dynasty. Raja Raja Chola is considered one of the Great Kings of the Chola Dynasty. His leadership had taken the Chola Dynasty to heights

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