History Of The Darfur Genocide

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The Darfur Genocide refers to the endless deaths, rape cases, and abductions that the civilians of a village called “Darfur” have endured for the past 12 years. All of these horrendous cases have been on contempt of a ruthless militia called Janjaweed. This Arab group of soldiers is committing these treacherous crimes based off of the ludicrous ideology that the Arab race is unsurpassable, and supreme to the Darfurian race. The name, “Janjaweed” translates directly to the name “Horseman”, and justly so. This armed group literally invades Darfurian farmland on horseback. They slaughter the men, forcibly molest the women, and steal any possession they come into contact with. Still to this day, this group attacks Darfur. Over two million Darfurians

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