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The executive summary

History of Mondelez International Inc.
Mondelez started its operations in 1903, when James L. Kraft opened a wholesale cheese business in Chicago, Illinois. J.L. Kraft and Bros. In 1914, J.L. Kraft opened its first plant and started to make cheese items.(Marketline). Following 10 years, the organization changed its name to Kraft Cheese Company. It also opened its first European deals office in London, the UK amid the same period. (Marketline). Mondelez made various acquisitions, including that of the Phoenix Cheese, creator of Philadelphia brand cream cheese in 1928. After two years, Kraft Cheese was obtained by National Dairy Products Corporation.(Marketline). Throughout the following couple of decades,
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Acquisitions during that period were Jacobs Suchard, Freia Marabou, Terry 's of York, and the US. Kraft General was renamed as Kraft Foods Inc. during 1995. (Marketline).

Market description of the country (Mexico)
Mondelez International Inc. is an American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage products such as biscuits, (cookies, crackers and salted snacks), chocolate, gum and candy. It is the main player in the Mexican sweet shop market, creating a 28% offer of the Market’s share value. (Mexico Confectionery report). Mondelez International Inc. is one of the biggest snack organisations on the planet. It offers snack sustenance and refreshment items, biscuits (cookies and salted snacks), chocolate, gum and sweet, drinks, and different cheese and grocery items. In December 2014, it had operations in more than 80 nations and offers its items in roughly 165 nations. (Global-confectionery). Mondelez works through five geographical segments; Europe; North America; Latin America; Asia Pacific; and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.(Mexico-confectionery). Its head office in Deerfield, IL. (Global industry report).
Mondelez sells its products to supermarket chains, wholesalers, supercentres, club stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, distributors, gasoline stations, drug stores, value stores and other retail food outlets. Mondelez distributes its products through direct store delivery, company-owned and satellite warehouses,
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