History Of The Second Temple Period

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History of the Second Temple Period

Submitted to Dr. Mark Caldwell in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of

NBST 510-C02
New Testament Introduction


Morid Rouhi
28 March 2015
Oppressed, disseminated, exiled, time and again mistreated, the Jews not only endured but contributed indispensably to the Western civilization, playing a critical role in almost every vital episode of world history. This survey of the second temple period will capture the survival of Jews and the advancement of Judaism under foreign rulers that took place in the span of six hundred years. These turn of events begin from late sixth century Before Christ (BC), and culminate in 70 Anno Domini (AD) with the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem by the Roman Empire.
At the outset of this paper, Israel’s return from exile under the Persian Empire control, then their odyssey under the Hellenistic kingdoms, and finally their journey under the Roman Empire governing is looked at, which will provide a chronological look of the events during this period. Furthermore, in the latter part of this paper Ezra the profit and events that he was involved in that affected the first-century world of Jews and their expectations of the Messiah are highlighted. From Babylonian Exile and Persian Kings Period to Destruction of the Second Temple
The Babylonian exile was a harrowing experience in the history of Judah. It

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