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HISTORY OF ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Brief Photoshop Timeline 1987 Thomas Knoll begins writing graphics subroutines on a Mac Plus. 1987 Thomas teams up with his brother John and combines these subroutines into an app. called "Display." 1988 Refined version of Display becomes "ImagePro." 1989 BarneyScan licenses the application to bundle with their slide scanner. About 200 copies are shipped. 1989 Adobe strikes a deal to license what becomes known as Photoshop. They begin 10 months of product development. 1990 Photoshop 1.0 ships in February. 1990 Version 2.0, code name "Fast Eddy," ships in the fall. 1993 Version 2.5.1 is released. One of the first apps to run native on a PowerPC chip. Also first release of Windows version (April, 93).…show more content…
This cycle of refinement continued over a period of months and led to an improved version of the application that became "ImagePro" in 1988. At this point John began suggesting to Thomas that they turn ImagePro into a commercial application. Thomas Knoll. Photo by Jeff Schewe. "My fellowship money had run out and my wife was expecting our first child," Thomas explained during the Michigan Engineer interview. "I was feeling pressure to finish what I was doing and find a job." In early 1988, Thomas decided to give himself six more months to finish a beta version of ImagePro and let John shop it around Silicon Valley. Interestingly enough, many of the Silicon Valley companies that John approached were cool to the idea of their image manipulation program. SuperMac turned it down because they didn't understand how ImagePro could complement their already popular product, PixelPaint. But one company, BarneyScan, did show some interest. They offered to bundle (on a short term basis) what was now called "Photoshop" with their slide scanner. A total of about 200 copies of Photoshop were shipped with their scanners, according to Jeff Schewe in his article, "Photoshop: a

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