History of Chemistry: Hydrogen as an Alternative Use of Energy

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In this paper I am going to be talking, about how the element hydrogen when chemically broken down can produce enough power to run things like, cars, planes, helicopter, etc… which is chemistry in technology. Right now most everyone is very heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuels and the search for alternative fuel sources are starting to pick up. One of the leading sources of fuel being tested is the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. One of the disadvantages is that hydrogen is only found in a handful of locations. They have already started to integrate it into natural day to day living like the power plant in Italy, many car companies are starting on designs of hydrogen powered cars. I feel that the use of hydrogen as an …show more content…

Water is very plentiful it makes up 75 percent of the Earth and you can use water or natural gas, which is also very plentiful, to break down the hydrogen into a useable fuel. Because it is so abundant they can make and deliver it in large quantities that are competitive with the gas prices that we have today. The use of hydrogen as a power source is already being implicated in day to day life they use it to power buses, cars, scooters, forklifts. NASA even uses it to power some of its space ships. NASA has been using Hydrogen in its liquid status to lift its rockets into space. The fuel cells power the shuttle’s electrical systems, producing a clean byproduct, water which the crew drinks. It is a lot cleaner then fossil fuels because it does not have the harmful eminences that fossil fuels have. Chevy has already produced a car that runs off hydrogen, the Equinox, the fuel cell car is an electric vehicle that converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity which it uses to power the vehicle. A few big car companies, Ford, Mercedes, and Nissan, are pulling together to produce a hydrogen powered car that would only emit water by 2017. The use of hydrogen is still in the early steps of becoming the main source of power because people have such a heavy dependence on oil it hasn’t really gone out on a big stage to effect the whole world. It will soon though because

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