Hydrogen : Hydrogen Over Combustion

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Dennis Gibson Kenet Adamson ENG-111 6 March 2015 Hydrogen over Combustion Cars are an integral part of life today in the modern world. In America, as an example, society has become very reliant on automobiles. In the past, towns and cities where small microcosms, overall. Today, however, towns and cities have grown larger, and farther apart. Roads flow across what used to be countryside, through mountains, and over rivers. This links the people together and allows for the transaction of goods like food, materials, and even ideas. However, cars today, as a marvelous technological advancement as they are, run off of fuels that produce a foul gaseous byproduct that continues to erode our environment day by day. Any glance onto a city street or arching highway will show the massive amount of these cars that are on the road today, all of these are releasing their carbon by-product into the atmosphere. There is also a rife search for alternative energies today; cars powered by hydrogen gas may be an answer. While hydrogen powered cars have their shortcomings, hydrogen powered cars are a more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly option compared to internal-combustion automobiles. Hydrogen powered cars are the flying cars that generations passed dreamed about. Even though they do not fly through the air, they are the car of the future. Hydrogen powered cars can be a complex subject, just as any new scientific incursion. This means that the field is constantly

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