History of Relational Database Essay

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History of Relational Database
Hao-Wei He
Wilmington University
October 9, 2010

Database system have been inseparable with our daily life, since IBM developed the hierarchical database management system in 1969, database system has been innovated many times, such as hierarchical database, network database, relational database, and object-oriented database. Nowadays, relational database still is the most popular model used by different industries; this article is going to introduce the history of the relational database.

History of Relational Database Data, which can be defined as an entity of meaning, it is the original material to construct message and knowledge. Thanks to the assistance of computer, data processing …show more content…

This concept also derived to the following data types:

* Hierarchical Data Model (1960s)
Use record as a processing unit, and organize record by tree structure. As a result of the characteristic of tree structure, hierarchical data model particularly suitable for describe “One to Many” data composition relationship but “Many to Many” relationship.

* Network Data Model (1970s)
As a result of the tree structure does not reflect network connection relationship between data and data, so after hierarchical data model, some groups proposed “Network Data Model”, organize records by network structure. However, records in both Hierarchical data model and network data model use link to strung together, so when programming applications must accommodate the structure status between links, a lot of dependencies between programming applications and data structure, and the independence of data is hard to reach, cause the system difficult to maintain.

* Relational Data

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