Hitchcock's Manipulation of the Audience's Point of View in the Shower Scene in Psycho

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Hitchcock's Manipulation of the Audience's Point of View in the Shower Scene in Psycho

Hitchcock has a unique style when it comes to films and manipulation of the audience. He likes to give the audience several types of view that in turn give us an incite into the characters feelings and emotions. He likes to change the lighting, camera angle and mise-en-scene to manipulate he viewer's point of view. He is a talented director with unique ability to twist the audience's opinions and play on emotions with the greatest of ease.

In the shower scene in Psycho, The first shot he chooses to give us is of a voyeuristic one. He show us Norman Bates moving a picture aside so that he can peep into the room …show more content…

The camera keeps a distance from Norman even when Norman reaches the house. As he moves to sit at the dining room table, the camera is positioned at the front door so there is the space of the corridor between the audience and Norman. This manipulates the audience making us feel sorry for him and also the fact his facial expression makes him seem very lonely and distant. In almost al of the scenes we see with Norman his face is in the shadows and this scene is no exception all the while we see normal he is surrounded by a dark gloom that makes him seem almost inhuman.

We then cut back to Marion turning on the shower in the motel room. The next shot is of the showerhead with a jet of water spraying into the bath. Marion takes off her robe and gets into the shower. We only see Marion in the shower from the collarbone upwards ad it would be pushing TV too far if they were to show anymore. It leaves the audience with a feeling of curiosity. The slight glimpse of skin lets the audience's imagination put the rest of the picture together. The camera at this point is pointing downwards on Marion. This makes the audience feel more dominant towards the actress. It also connotes Marion to be vulnerable and submissive. When we see her start to wash

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