Hitler Blindfolded Germany: Elie Wiesel's "Night" Essay

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Promises of honor and prosperity, blind folded Germany and granted Hitler the power to implement his Final Solution. The Holocaust ravaged Europe, hopelessly Jews were slaughtered and fed to the flames. In attempt to cheat death, Jews could hide among loyal neighbors or confront the horrors in a Concentration Camp and pray for liberation, either path was a perilous journey. Elie Wiesel endured years of starvation and oppression in Concentration Camps, while Bronia Beker was constantly on the run and hiding from the Nazis. The turmoil of war spreads to the quiet hometowns, family crisis and separation, and the the living conditions, define Elie and Bronia. Elie and Bronia’s unique perspectives of the Holocaust differ in the actual…show more content…
Joseph and Bronia were liberated by the Russians in 1944, and were later married. Elie Wiesel, a pious boy, grew up in Sighet with his family until anti-Semitism imprisoned all Jews in ghettos skirted with barbed wire. The Jews of his town, were upbeat and grateful, despite the hard times, to be together as a religious community. Bronia’s Polish hometown of Kosowa was also separated into ghettos. When the Nazis planned to liquidate the ghettos, Bronia’s family hid away in a small 12x6 foot underground room with a pipe installed for air circulation, in contrast Elie’s family marched from their home with a few souvenirs to a destination of unknown fate. Each families’ decision resulted in two extremely different experiences, in which both struggle to survive through starvation, persecution, mental and physical abuse. The Holocaust is infamous for tearing families apart. Elie and Bronia both suffered the same fate. Elie’s family was shipped to a concentration camp by the Nazis during the liquidation of Sighet, then the Jews were divided by gender. The women of Elie’s family were most likely murdered in a crematorium and Elie’s father died shortly before the Jews were liberated. In comparison to Elie, Bronia was separated from her family, when Nazis blocked the airway to their family’s underground hiding spot and Bronia was the lone survivor. She then

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