Hitler : The Significance Of The Failure Of Hitler

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Unsurprisingly, Hitler is known to be insignificant due to his harsh beliefs, personality, and the actions he took to sustain his negative beliefs. Although he himself is insignificant, his leadership is proven to be astoundingly significant. Despite the opinion to why his leadership was a failure, the opinion that supports his leadership is mainly due to the fall of the Weimar Republic. During the ruling of the Weimar Republic over Germany, the Weimar would cause the invasion of the Ruhr, general distrust, and the failure to amend the Great Depression. Under Hitler’s leadership, however, he would heavily violate the Treaty of Versailles, break German Democracy, and would rise to power due to his beliefs and actions. All of these factors would cause Germany to regain the strength it lost in WWI, proving the significance in his leadership. As for the weakness towards his leadership, Hitler did cause WWII, indoctrination and death of many Germans, and would have a lack of trust towards his military. Surprisingly, these factors may not decrease his leadership’s significance.
Violation of the Treaty of Versailles As stated before, Hitler would heavily violate the Treaty of Versailles, which would appease many Germans as a result. This being said, why was this act exceptional to many? As the Weimar Republic ruled, the Republic would sign the Treaty of Versailles in order to officially end WWI and to terminate an exceptionally weakened Germany from continuing to fight.

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