Hitler's Leadership : Hitler And The Leader Of Adolf Hitler

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In case you are wondering what this might be about well this long essay your about to read is about Adolf Hitler. Have you ever wondered about how hitler’s leadership affected a lot of people in the past in a good way or how significant hitler’s leadership was? Hitler did many great things and out of those successes really good things happened. Hitler’s leadership was significant. Throughout this piece your going to be reading about hitler’s promises he kept to germany, how he benefited the germans, the outcomes of his successes, and how he became leader of the nazi party and chancellor of germany.

Promises Hitler kept with germany Hitler made many promises to the country of germany in order to come to power. The people of germany were looking for someone who can help fix all of the ongoing problems they were facing in germany. At the time they had lost faith in their governments abilities to take care of its citizens. Hitler believed he could help the people in germany and he promised them all relief. He also promised jobs for the unemployed and a market for the farmers goods. The people of germany heard what they wanted to hear and ignored the violence of the nazi party. Hitler told germany that if they got rid of them, all of germany’s problems would vanish and the whole country would
Improve. He promised that the poor and needy would be taken care of. He promised that he would rebuild the military and make germany a strong nation. He also promised that he would

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