Hitler Youth In The 1930's

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With Adolf Hitler coming to power, he wanted to increase the power of Germany to rule the world. To do this, he has to start off small, and to do this, he created the Hitler Youth in the 1930’s. In “Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler’s Shadow,” author Susan Campbell Bartoletti discusses the ways Hitler used education to further Nazi ideals. He implemented new textbooks, made students salute him and say “Heil Hitler,” and did not let them express their own ideas in order to mold them into “good Nazis.”
The first way Hitler makes children become Nazi is by implementing new textbooks. Doing this will force them to all learn the same way and have the same problems from the textbooks, all ideas that are “Nazi-approved.” In paragraph 10, Bartoletti states, “They rewrote the curriculum from the top to bottom, so that it only taught Nazi-approved ideas.” Since all students are reading the same textbooks, they all develop the same ideas, and therefore start to think the way …show more content…

When they have their own thoughts crowded by people with Nazi-like ideas, they start to fade away. In paragraph 6, Bartoletti talks about a student, names Sophie Scholl, who had a problem with this. Her book says, “Sophie felt alienated because she could not confide in a classmate or teacher.” Since Sophie had her own thoughts, she couldn’t express them, and therefore later was forced with a threat, where she wouldn’t graduate if she didn’t participate more. This later threat forces her to learn Nazi ways. In conclusion, Hitler had many ways he used Nazi education, and these were three examples. He did not allow them to express ideas, used brand new textbooks, and made them salute him and the Nazi flag. Today, Nazi education is different than almost a hundred years ago, but when Hitler was at rule, it was the time of WWII as well, which he caused. Since then, education has changed, and there hasn’t been a World War

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