Hitler Youth Research Paper

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Life in the Hitler Youth was scary for the young kids. How Hitler Youth was scary will be in this essay. It was an organization that schooled children and forced them into the military. First off, the Hitler Youth schools were definitely different from our schools today. Like for an example most of their teachers were Aryan races. (“indoctrinating youth¨) “All the teachers had to make the kids obedient and willing to die for their “god” Hitler.” The kids had board games, books, and also toys for other kids. The reasoning for this was to have the kids think about racism (“ïndoctrinating youth.”) They had to have a picture of Hitler hung on the wall in each classroom. The reasoning for this was to have the kids think about racism. Schools were different from the schools we have today. (“indoctrinating youth”) …show more content…

First off, the reasons for boys obviously was to train them to fight and be into the military when they are older. They trained them to be part of the SA (Storm Troupers) (“indoctrinating youth”). When kids reached the age of 13 kids entered the youth training. They were trained till the age of 18 like we would get taught till we are 18 (“hitler youth”). If you were a girl in the Hitler Youth you would have to do house work (domestic duties) (“Hitler Youth”). In other words all boys had to fight and train to go into the military, while girls stayed home and would do house work all day. Secondly, boys had to train for military and learn several skills before they become soldiers. First off, one of the first things they needed to learn how to shoot and communicate. The classes start with calibers then to infantry rifles and if they passed that they would move on to sharpshooter and sniper school. (“Hitler youth”) The reason they were trained was to kill and fight. Kids were forced to fight which is sad they had to kill to not be killed. (“Hitler

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