How Is Adolf Hitler Related To The Holocaust

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Beginning in 1933, Hitler and his Nazi party targeted not only those of the Jewish religion but many other sets. Hitler was motivated by religion and nationalism to eradicate any threats to his state. It was Hitler’s ideology that his Aryan race was superior to any other. Hitler’s goal was to create a “master race” by eliminating the chance for “inferiors” to reproduce. Besides the Jews the other victims of the genocide include the Roma (Gypsies), African-Germans, the mentally disabled, handicapped, Poles, Slavs, Anti-Nazi political parties, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Homosexuals. In Hitler’s eyes all of these groups needed to be eliminated in order for his master race to be a success. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, the …show more content…

The scientific racism and racial theories were used as the support for the death of millions. Additionally, a large amount of people who were German had other undesirable characteristics Hitler deemed unacceptable. This is the group of handicapped and mentally disabled, including those who were born deaf and blind. Hitler wanted perfection in his race and so he did not want these people reproducing and passing on their “imperfect” genes into the German gene pool. Also as a “financial burden”, he rather not pay for the holding and care of those in mental hospitals and facilities. In 1934, they like the gypsies and blacks, became victims of forced sterilization. In 1939, the Nazis began a program of euthanasia to exterminate and “cleanse” them out of the Aryan race. (“Handicapped: Victims of the Nazi Era, 1933-1945”) The economic side of things and war debt was also used as justification for these killings. By euthanizing the mentally ill and handicapped, hospital beds and doctors were being freed up which would be a benefit to Germany in wartime. These deaths were just additional attempts at weeding-out the “impure”. In 1939, Poland was invaded by Germany for the purpose of removing them. Hitler wanted and needed abundant living space for his master race to occupy. He also invaded the Soviet Union two years later. Now he targeted the Polish jews, and his goal

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