Hitler 's Influence On The World War II

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In the year 1940, many Germans stood in a square, saluting and chanting Hitler 's name. World War II has begun and many Germans hope for improvements in the economy. Their leader is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany in World War II, was a powerful speaker who caused over 5 million deaths in concentration camps. Though Hitler 's impact can be felt in modern times, the roots of his atrocious behavior began in childhood—more specifically—high school.
Years before Adolf Hitler was born, Hitler 's great grandfather, Johann Georg Hiedler, was a wandering miller. Before his second marriage he had an illegitimate son named Alois– Hitler 's father. Since Alois was illegitimate, he kept his mother 's last name, Schicklgruber. In 1847 Hiedler vanished from the family and came back thirty years later to change Alois 's last name to Hitler. Currently, many historians postulate if Hitler 's great grandfather did not change Alois 's last name to Hitler, Adolf may not have created the impact he had on humanity (Shirer 6-7).
Alois had three marriages; his first wife was Anna Glasl-Hoerer. Unfortunately, it was not a happy marriage, and after sixteen years, he left. Sadly, his wife died three years later. A month after his wife died, Alois Hitler married a cook named Franziska Matzelsberger, through which he had a son, Alois and a daughter, Angela. Franziska died within a year from tuberculosis and Alois Hitler moved on. (Shirer 8-9)
After Alois Hitler married, his third wife,
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